Hello! My name is Paloma, usually known also as Lola. I graduated in Fashion Design at Faculdade Santa Marcelina (São Paulo, Brazil) and after I did a master in Styling and Visual Merchandising at Domus Academy (Milan, Italy). I have been in Milan for already three years and I speak both English and Italian fluently, besides the Portuguese, my mother tongue. At the moment, I am searching for new experiences and challenges in the field of fashion communication.


I started my career working in a small classic fashion brand for children in Brazil called Pinni, where I was assistant in the collection development, but also helped in communication such as social media and website. Besides that, I did some photography for social media content and small campaigns, as I studied Fashion Photography simultaneously with the last year of university.


Once in Milan, as a curricular internship, I started working as style assistant in a new fashion magazine, called "The Fashion Plate Magazine", which I helped with the styling part, photography and research. 


The internship was over but my work there was not. I started a new role in the same magazine: I was the manager of the fashion assistants and the direct assistant to the Editor-In-Chief. My role included discover and create new content for the magazine (online and print); be always in contact with clients and press offices; organize editorials, interviews, and events. The magazine and the team were small, so I had also the opportunity to do some photography for them during fashion events, Milan Fashion Week for instance and small editorials. The thing I like the most about photography is the possibility to play with light and catch details that usually we lose in our busy routines.


Unfortunately, the magazine had not the possibility to maintain me there as an employee, so I tried some other useful roles out in the fashion industry. An intense adventure as a dresser at Ermanno Scervino’s showroom during the sales campaign put me directly in touch with both Visual Merchandising and Buying worlds. It was fast but really fulfilling as I could see from another point of view, the happening of the collection’s presentation to clients and press. 


I started, then an experience at Das Models, a Model Agency as booker assistant. It was my responsibility to help the head booker with clients and managing models, making direct contact with current and new clients of the agency, creating a link between both sides. I also did a lot of back-office work, usually related to model material, which means schedules, documents, graphic design/photography and manage social media (especially Facebook). In plus, I did a shooting with some models, in order to increase their books. It was a really great experience but it was not what I was searching for me.


After that, a multi-brand fashion store (Flowear) contacted me to help them to assist costumers. That was not only about selling garments but to really help them to put a great look together, thinking about colors, shapes, styling in general. At the same time, I started to do some pictures there for e-commerce and social media. 


It was good for me to grow professionally and personally, but I still miss the communication, research and content creation that I started learning at the fashion magazine. This sparkle will not leave me and made me start again to study and look for a job that matches my expectations and give me the possibility to keep learning and growing.

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