Photography - Styling Project

During the first module of my master in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising at Domus Academy (2015), we were asked to work in collaboration with the male magazine "The Greatest".


The Styling project were about creating a female version of the magazine, in groups. 


The group decided "Alpha Woman" as the theme for the first issue, which talks about the power of being a woman.


This is an editorial for this project, photographed by me. The concept was to play with lights and shadows, using the technique of Light Painting, giving an atmosphere of a mistery and power, that shows different sides of this woman.


Group: Paloma Montanaro, Shalini Mohanty; Renuka Shekar; YiJane Lin.

Photography: Paloma Montanaro

Makeup: Naomi Sianturi
Model: Aleksandra Zabolotnaia