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Photography - Styling Project

Collaborating as a photographer with a group of styling workshop in Domus Academy, I did this editorial about Narcissism.


The project realized in 2016 was in collaboration with c.a.p. 74024 magazine.


The idea of the group was to explore the extremes of self-love:

'In a generation constantly deemed "egotistical" and "self-obsessed", we are reminded of the myth of Narcissus. Is a in-depth exploration of one-self defective? In the end, can one be completely self-sufficient and survive alone, despite the loneliness?'

Recently, the editorial was published on the website of c.a.p. 74024. Check it out here.

Group: Ece Hanoglu; Luiza Brun; Naomi Sianturi; Shriya Agrawal.

Model: Valentin Tarallo (I Love Models)
Makeup: Naomi Sianturi